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This episode welcomes back to the show Steve Adelkoff to talk about the dynamic landscape underpinning the latest happenings with TikTok and WeChat.  We illuminate the major players, the political arena, legal and market precedent and conclude with our best guess at what may play out in the coming months.

00:00   Welcome to the Show

00:50   Welcoming back Steve Adelkoff

02:30  Providing Context around TikTok, WeChat and Deglobalization

07:50  Government & Presidential Powers

22:00  Application of Legal Precedent

27:00  It’s not really Political and Economic Divisiveness

32:30  The role and response of China

37:00  Has investment in tech been impacted?

38:45  What to look out for with TikTok & WeChat

42:20  Impact upon economic relationship with China

44:00  Will TikTok user base remain faithful?

45:45  Generational Shifts among media apps

50:20. Final Thoughts from Steve

53:00  Thank you Emily Sjoberg & Blake Beshero

53:40  Closing Thoughts & Credits

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