Located in Lawrenceville, just outside of downtown Pittsburgh, Rolling Pepperoni serves up personal narratives woven within delicious Appalachian Fare. Katt’s vision for Rolling Pepperoni invites us to break bread across Appalachia while uniting rural and urban communities through an impactful business model.

00:00  Welcome Message

01:40   Introducing Katt Schuler and Rolling Pepperoni

04:50  Pittsburgh: The Convergence of Rural and Urban Landscapes

06:30  Creativity Fuels the Entrepreneurial Spirit

09:10  The Story Project:  Illuminating Appalachian Narratives

12:45  The Importance of Teams, Trust and Empowerment

14:50  The First Person is Important, The Second Person is Critical

16:10   Balance and Wellness is a Top Priority

18:10   The Impact of Women as Entrepreneurs

21:00  Exploring the Rolling Pepperoni Menu

24:10  Regenerative Business Model and unique Pricing Strategy

26:10  Hope, Sadness, Passion:  Narratives from a Socially Defined Culture

28:50  Katt Shares Two Stories from the Upcoming Book

33:25  What’s on the Horizon for Katt and Rolling Pepperoni

36:25  The Secret Behind the Perfect Pepperoni Roll

38:45  Food Connects us with History and Culture

42:50  Advice to other Women Entrepreneurs

48:15  How to Stay Connected with Katt and Rolling Pepperoni

49:40  Final Thoughts from Dennis and Angelo

54:00  Closing Reflections & Sources of Inspiration

To learn more about Katt, Rolling Pepperoni or to order some of her delicious pepperoni rolls be sure to visit www.rollingpepperoni.com

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